Alexander Poletaev

Head of Department

ALEXANDER B. POLETAEV Moscow, Russian Federation BIRTH: August 14, 1951, Moscow EDUCATION 1981-1982 “Methods of Radionuclide analysis in protein biochemistry”, Catholic University, Rome, Italy (Prof. N. Miani) 1980 “Methods of molecular biology”, Research Institute of Molecular Biology, Sophia, Bulgaria (Prof. C. Tsanev). 1978 “ELISA/RIA Methods”, Endocrinology Research Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia (Prof. R. Kvietniansky). 1977-1978 Special Training Course “Preparative and analytical biochemical methods”, Moscow State University (Prof. T. Paskhina) 1974-1977 Postgraduate Study (normal physiology). 1969-1974 Third Moscow Medical Institute, Moscow, Russia Medical Faculty, specialty – general therapy DEGREES Professor (Biochemistry) (Since 2003) Doctor of Medical Sciences (Since 1988) Senior Researcher (Chief Research Fellow), Research Institute of Normal Physiology RAMS, Moscow Philosophy Doc. (Since 1977) MEMBERSHIP Since 1998 Regular Member of IBRO (International Brain Research Organization) Since 1993 Regular Foreign Member of American Society For Neurosciences Since 2005 Regular Member of International Academy of Sciences (Russian Section) Since 2010 Regular Foreign Member of American Association of Immunologists Since 2010 Regular Foreign Member of Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) FIELDS OF SPECIAL INTEREST Immunology, immunobiotechnology, neurochemistry, developmental biology, systemic regulation of body function in a normal state and pathology PUBLICATIONS More than 170 special publications, including 5 books; Author of 15 Patents (Biochemistry, Immunology, Biotechnology) SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCES/PRESENTATIONS Co-chairman of four International Sci. Conferences - International Conference Biomolecular Medicine in Search of Approaches, Lielupe (1999) - International Conference Immunology and Immunopathology in Pregnancy, Moscow (2002) - 1th Moscow International Conference on Autoimmunity in Physiology and Pathology (2005) - 2nd Moscow International Conference on Autoimmunity in Physiology and Pathology (2008)

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