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Professor Sergej M. Ostojic received his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia on September 1996. He then pursued his postgraduate training in exercise science & medicine and obtained PhD at the University of Belgrade in 2003. In 2002, he joined the faculty of the Institute of Sports Medicine at Sports Academy Belgrade. Currently he is the Director of Human Performance Laboratory at the Center of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences, Belgrade and Professor at Faculty of Sport and Physical Education at the University of Novi Sad. His research is focused on physiological responses to maximal and submaximal exercise, and evaluation of the ergogenic properties of dietary agents. He is a member of American College of Sports Medicine, European Physical Conditioning Association and International Federation of Sports Medicine. He has a number of publications in different journals in medicine, physiology & sport science.

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Steroids - From Physiology to Clinical Medicine covers contemporary basic science on steroids research, along with steroids practical application in clinical medicine. We start by describing physiological and pathophysiological roles of steroids, with reference to production and action of gonadal steroids, role of steroid sulfonation, sex specific and steroids-dependent mechanism of hippocampal function, and the hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases for the modulation of tissue glucocorticoid availability. We then covered different aspects of steroids application in clinical environment, such as endocrine function after ovarian transplantation, diagnostic significance of salivary assessment of androgens, drawbacks of steroids use in sport, analysis of serum steroid hormone profiles in patients with adrenocortical tumors, and correlation between salivary and serum cortisol responses after alcohol intake. In response to the need to address novel and valuable information on steroids science and medicine, we sincerely hope that this book will enable readers to comprehend this fast-growing and exciting scientific discipline.

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