Muhammad Subhan Qureshi

Veterinary Officer, Professor, Chairman and Dean

After graduating from the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore during 1982, Prof Qureshi joined the provincial Livestock Department as Veterinary Officer and was involved in semen processing, quality monitoring and farm management practices. Then he shifted to Civil Veterinary Hospital Peshawar and worked on veterinary and reproductive clinics and disease investigation. Later he joined the University again and completed MSc Hons degree in Animal Reproduction and investigated corpus luteum function in dairy buffaloes. After completing master studies he joined the Enzyme Immunoassay laboratory of Veterinary Research Institute Peshawar and worked on endocrinology of dairy animals. He introduced herd health program for the peri-urban dairy farmers and investigated reproductive performance and health status of buffaloes and other food animals; preparation, implementation and monitoring of research and development programs; assistance to IUCN, WTO, SMEDA, FAO, Bank of Khyber, etc., in livestock development. Assistance was also provided to Inland universities in postgraduate research programs. During 2005, Prof Qureshi joined the KP Agricultural University, Peshawar as full professor and was raised to the status of Dean, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences. Since then, has been involved in teaching Animal Reproduction and Livestock Management subjects to the graduate and postgraduate students. He has been supervising the technical, academic and financial matters of the Departments & preparing research and development proposals for improving teaching, research and industrial linkages. He has been member of administrative and academic bodies. He facilitated the establishment of the Livestock Trainers and Consultants, an NGO of young animal scientists. The scientist has successfully completed three research and development projects funded by the provincial and federal government agencies. He also assisted in implementing a mega project on strengthening of teaching and research capabilities of the Faculty regarding Livestock Management Component and supervised a project on improving goats’ semen under Pakistan Science Foundation research grants. Initial focus of Prof Qureshi’s research was on reproduction nutrition interaction in dairy buffaloes under peri-urban dairy farms in Peshawar. He observed that onset of breeding was associated with increasing intake of metabolizable energy and decreasing crude protein and minerals. The poor BCS decreased fertility. Excess intake of crude protein also accompanied higher serum urea levels. The post-conception decline in milk yield of dairy buffaloes was investigated through doctoral thesis research of Sarzamin Khan and progesterone levels beyond 6.4 ng/ml were associated with drastic decline while feed supplementation prevented this stress effect. A series of studies was completed on availability of fatty acids in milk from various dairy species during different physiological states for PhD thesis of Anila Mushtaq. SM Sohail worked on genetic and phenotypic evaluation of performance traits in dairy buffaloes for his doctoral dissertation. Ishanullah will investigate metabolic and physiological adaptation of crossbred cattle under sub-tropical conditions and the role of nutrition and other stress factors in delayed ovulation. Oxidative stress affecting semen quality will be studied for thesis of Shoaib Sultan and stress markers of infertility for Ikramullah Khan. Livestock Management Department, headed by Prof Qureshi, got recognized by the Natl Agric Edu Accred Council of Pakistan. Prof. Qureshi has been contributing as Dairy Expert in the Pak-Australia Dairy project jointly funded by the ASLP Pakistan and ACIAR Australia. He worked as Visiting Professor at Charles Sturt University, Australia with Prof Peter Wynn for six weeks to work on collaboration in the area of stress physiology and animals’ welfare. His engagement was continued as Adjunct Professor. Prof Qureshi is assisting the Prime Minister Secretariat as Member Industrial Advisory Group of the NAVTEC. He has organized the International Workshop on Dairy Science Park -2011 as Chief Organizer with the cooperation of various agencies. The conference was attended by 450+ delegates, 103 technical papers, 5 scientific and 2 development and business support sessions, exhibition by 10 business companies. The workshop has come up with recommendations for development of a sustainable outreach and business support package for the peri-urban dairy farming in the region to be implemented by the academic, development and business support organizations. The provincial government, Relief International and KPCCI are assisting in implementation of the recommendations. The abstracts and recommendations have been published in a proceedings book and full length papers have been published in the J Anim Plant Sci (Vol 22, Sup 2). Presently Prof Qureshi is contributing as member of the panel of analysts for assessing food securtiy in the country under WFP-FAO IPC project. He is also orgnaizing a working team for converting the small ruminants and poultry production setup in the province into an export base for Halal Food Market.

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