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German Aerospace Center Germany

Dr. Simon Plass received the Dr.Ing. degree (Ph.D.) in electrical engineering from the University of Ulm, Germany in 2008. Since 2003, Simon has been with the Institute of Communications and Navigation at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Oberpaffenhofen, Germany. He is General Co-Chair of the biannual International Workshop on Multi-Carrier Systems & Solutions (MC-SS). In 2010, Simon obtained the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential. Currently, he is DLR's project manager for the European Research Project SANDRA which integrates data links and antennas for a seamless aeronautical networking. He is responsible for the overall network design, the validation and demonstration activities by test-bed and flight trials, and SANDRA dissemination actions. He authored and co-authored more than 60 technical and scientific papers.

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There are well-founded concerns that current air transportation systems will not be able to cope with their expected growth. Current processes, procedures and technologies in aeronautical communications do not provide the flexibility needed to meet the growing demands. Aeronautical communications is seen as a major bottleneck stressing capacity limits in air transportation. Ongoing research projects are developing the fundamental methods, concepts and technologies for future aeronautical communications that are required to enable higher capacities in air transportation. The aim of this book is to edit the ensemble of newest contributions and research results in the field of future aeronautical communications. The book gives the readers the opportunity to deepen and broaden their knowledge of this field. Today's and tomorrow's problems / methods in the field of aeronautical communications are treated: current trends are identified; IPv6 aeronautical network aspect are covered; challenges for the satellite component are illustrated; AeroMACS and LDACS as future data links are investigated and visions for aeronautical communications are formulated.

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