Rodrigo Valenzuela Baez

University of Chile

Rodrigo Valenzuela Baez completed his pre-graduate studies (nutritionist) at the University of Chile (2003), his Masters in nutrition and food technology at the University of Chile (2007), and Doctoral degree in nutrition and foods at the University of Chile (2012). Currently, he is an Associate Professor in Nutrition Department at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. He does research in nutrition and food sciences. Dr. Valenzuela\'s teaching areas are food science and nutrition, and fats and oils in human nutrition. His current research areas are lipids in health and disease, metabolism and cytoprotection by long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids from marine origin, bioconversion of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids from vegetable and marine oils, and physiological effects of n-3 fatty acid as a functional food. Dr. Valenzuela has more than 80 research publications in the lipid and metabolism area.

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Lipids (fats and oils) are a wide range of organic molecules that serve several functions in organisms. Lipids are essential components of our diet, highlighting their important contribution in energy, representing 9 kcal/g (or 37.7 kJ/g), and by some components relevant to the metabolism, such as essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins and sterols (cholesterol and phytosterols). Besides this, lipids have key roles in human growth and development, along with promoting, preventing and/or participating in the origin or eventually in the treatment of various diseases. This book presents a systematic and comprehensive review about the structure and metabolism of lipids, particularly highlighting the importance of these molecules in the body and considering the interest of some lipids in health and disease.

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