Adam Flizikowski

University of Technology and Life Sciences in BydgoszczPoland

Adam Flizikowski obtained his M.Sc. from University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, Poland in 2000. Currently he works on his PhD thesis “Modification of admission control strategies for WiMAX networks” – it is planned to be defended in 2011. Since 2003 he works at the University of Life Sciences and Technology (former name - University of Technology and Agriculture) as a professor assistant. Most of the topics covered within research area are strongly related to IP QoS assurances, wireless networks (3G, 4G), especially resource management in WiMAX, router performance and architectures with emphasis on: traffic and congestion control on IP networks (QoS mechanisms and architectures), multicast over IPv4/v6 - transition mechanisms, policy based network management (PBNM). His teaching experience includes 7 years of giving lectures and assignments for students in the Institute of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Multimedia Systems (e.g. “Radio communications”, “Software Engineering”, “Knowledge Management”, “Java programming”). He has authored (and co-authored) more than 30 papers in the area of research interests. In the recent years he has been involved in various projects dealing with information and communication technologies aspects (FP7, EDA, national projects). Currently he prepares his doctoral dissertation on resource management in WiMAX networks.

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