Farhad Nejadkoorki

Yazd UniversityIran

Dr. F. Nejadkoorki, PhD. (Environmental Science from University of East Anglia), is an associate professor and director of International & Scientific Cooperation Office (ISCO) at the Yazd University. Besides his wide teaching experience, he has complemented a number of researches related to air pollution in urban areas and industries, which their results have been published in different scientific books, journals and conferences.

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Leading air quality professionals describe different aspects of air pollution. The book presents information on four broad areas of interest in the air pollution field; the air pollution monitoring; air quality modeling; the GIS techniques to manage air quality; the new approaches to manage air quality. This book fulfills the need on the latest concepts of air pollution science and provides comprehensive information on all relevant components relating to air pollution issues in urban areas and industries. The book is suitable for a variety of scientists who wish to follow application of the theory in practice in air pollution. Known for its broad case studies, the book emphasizes an insightful of the connection between sources and control of air pollution, rather than being a simple manual on the subject.

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