Toshiaki Suzuki

Kansai University of Health Sciences

Suzuki Toshiaki, DMSc, is a physical therapist and professor at the Graduate School of Kansai University of Health Sciences, Japan. He investigates the effect and development of neurological physical therapy using electromyography, which he was taught by Fujiwara Tetsuji, MD, and Kimura Jun, MD, emeritus professors at Kyoto University, Japan. He is also interested in the development of Acupoint Stimulation Physical Therapy (ASPT), which combines physical therapy and acupuncture. Dr. Toshiaki has published a number of original papers and books in his field.

Toshiaki Suzuki

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Motor functions such as muscle strength and joint range of motion as well as somatosensory functions that enable a person to interpret bodily sensation are necessary and important for physical activity and exercise. Somatosensory and Motor Research is divided into three sections: “Somatosensory Research,” “Motor Research,” and “Relationship between Somatosensory and Motor Research.” Written by researchers and experts in the field, chapters in this volume address basic anatomy and physiology, treatment of sensory disorders, motor function, and somatic sensations. This book contributes to the understanding of both motor nerve and sensory nerve function and their involvement in the acquisition of movement.

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