Roland Nuhu Issaka

Central Soil Salinity Research InstituteIndia

Dr. Roland Nuhu Issaka was a Principal Research Scientist at the CSIR-Soil Research Institute of Ghana. He is currently with Africa Rice-Liberia. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Soil Science from Tottori University, Japan. He was at the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences in Ishigaki for a one-year post-doctoral study. Dr. Issaka is a soil fertility agronomist. His research focuses on soil fertility, erosion control, and water management. He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications, over 50 technical reports, and several chapters in books. He has edited three books, including Soil Fertility published by IntechOpen.

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Latest work with IntechOpen by Roland Nuhu Issaka

Soil Productivity Enhancement comprises five chapters written by scientists from various parts of the world. The book is divided into three sections. 1: Conversion of Environmentally Polluting Waste into Fertilizer. This section discusses the conversion of waste water and other by-products from factories into organic fertilizers. It further examines how these materials can be used to enhance crop production and improve soil productivity. 2: Practices for Improving Nutrient Availability. Good nutrient management and proper composting of organic materials are options that can be used to enhance the productivity of soil. These and other practices are examined in this section. 3: Policy on Fertilizer Use. The need for effective policies to control and promote the effective and efficient use of fertilizers is discussed in this section.

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