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Dr. Gokten is an Assistant Professor at Department of Management - Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Baskent University, Ankara, Turkey. He received his BSBA form Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences-Baskent University-Ankara, Turkey, MBA Finance and Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance degrees from Graduate School of Social Sciences-Gazi University, Ankara Turkey. He has published several articles, books, book chapters and conference proceedings. He is serving as a referee for national and international journals and Dr. Gokten has investment advisory, project finance and corporate valuation experience in several national and international projects.

Soner Gokten

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We are more aware of the need to achieve sustainable development than ever before. One of the main factors to achieve the goal of sustainable development is sustainability assessment and reporting because it is not possible to take precautions without understanding the current situation. And also, undoubtedly, future generations have a right to know what kind of world we will leave them. This book brings together different perspectives on sustainability assessment and reporting. When you look at the chapters, you will understand that sustainability assessment and reporting are addressing interdisciplinary and vast areas. It should be because sustainability assessment and reporting cover all aspects of social, economic and environmental factors. In this five-chapter book, you will see how sustainability assessment and reporting are addressed in different areas.

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