B Suresh Shetty

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Dr. Shetty is presently appointed as Honorary State Medico-Legal Consultant for three districts in the Government of Karnataka. He received his master’s degree at KMC, Manipal, and joined as faculty at KMC, Mangalore, where he has been teaching since 2005. He is awarded a certificate in 'Analytical Toxicology & Forensic DNA Typing” in 2006, PG certificate in Torture Medicine in 2011, and completed his MBA [Hospital Administration] in the year 2016. 2018- FAIMER fellowship from Manipal University. He has co-authored chapters in 3 books and peer-reviewed articles in 15 reputed national and international journals, as well as contributed over 70 articles in scientific journals. He guided postgraduates in Forensic Medicine and undergraduates in ICMR student projects. He has been an author of 'Atlas book on Forensic pathology ‘ published by Jayeepe Publishers. He was Nominated by the International Bibliographical Centre, Cambridge, England, Selection Committee and earned a position of TOP 100 Health Professionals in the year 2009, for making a significant contribution in his field to engender influence on a local, national and international issue. Conducted National conference in 2013. International conference with France, Lyon in 2017 and joint collaborative conference, Lyon in the year 2019.

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It is my pleasure to place before you the book ''Forensic Analysis - From Death to Justice'' which presents one of the major portions of the broad specialty of Forensic Science comprising mainly of Thanatology and Criminalistics. This book has been designed to incorporate a wide range of new ideas and unique works from all authors from topics like Forensic Engineering, Forensic Entomology and Crime Scene Investigation. I hope that it will be useful to practitioners of forensic medicine, experts, pathologists, law makers, investigating authorities, undergraduate and postgraduate medical school graduates of medicine.

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