Thanh Dinh

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center United States of America

Dr. Thanh Dinh is currently an Assistant Professor in Surgery at Harvard Medical School and an Attending Podiatric Surgeon at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA. Her clinical and research interests include Diabetic Foot Complications and Diabetic Microcirculation. She has published original research and scientific reviews in several prominent scientific journals, contributed to a number of textbooks covering Diabetes Mellitus, and serves as a reviewer for the International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds. She is a currently a co-investigator on an NIDDK grant, Mechanisms of Neuropeptides Action in Diabetes, and an NIH grant, Impaired Wound Healing in Diabetic Foot Ulceration. In addition to her research activities, Dr. Dinh serves as the Assistant Director of Residency Training of the Podiatric Surgical Program at BIDMC as well as the Director of Externship Education.

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Over the last decade, it is becoming increasingly clear that diabetes mellitus is a global epidemic. The influence of diabetes is most readily apparent in its manifestation in foot complications across cultures and continents. In this unique collaboration of global specialists, we examine the explosion of foot disease in locations that must quickly grapple with both mobilizing medical expertise and shaping public policy to best prevent and treat these serious complications. In other areas of the world where diabetic foot complications have unfortunately been all too common, diagnostic testing and advanced treatments have been developed in response. The bulk of this book is devoted to examining the newest developments in basic and clinical research on the diabetic foot. It is hoped that as our understanding of the pathophysiologic process expands, the devastating impact of diabetic foot complications can be minimized on a global scale.

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