Tuba Gunel

Istanbul University

Dr. Gunel graduated in 1991 from the Department of Biology at the Istanbul University Faculty of Science, which she entered in 1987. She completed her master's degree in the Medical Genetics Program of Istanbul University, the Institute of Health Sciences in 1994 and her doctoral degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2004. Dr. Gune received the title of associate professor in 2014. She is currently working as a lecturer in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Faculty of Science at Istanbul University. She mentors young scientists who want to do scientific studies in the field of Molecular Biology and Genetics for their master and Ph.D. studies so that they can continue their academic life. Dr. Gunel carries out researches on the early diagnosis of genetic problems especially related to pregnancy and women's health-diseases (ovarian cancer), better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of these diseases and reflection on the health of person-specific genetic changes in my research laboratory where she carries out her scientific studies. In addition to that, she has also been studying the sports genetics and genetic background of success on the sport, which has been very interesting in recent years. She has many articles and book chapters in the foreign language and Turkish, besides projects and early diagnosis of preeclampsia-related patents. She tries to learn and teach innovations by participating as an invited speaker in scientific platforms both in Turkey and abroad.

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