Jan Awrejcewicz

Lodz University of Technology

Full Professor, Head of the Department of Automation, Biomechanics and Mechatronics of Lodz University of Technology (Poland). Multiple doctor honoris causa, recipient of the Humboldt Award, member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Author/co-author of over 780 journal and conference papers and 50 monographs. Editor of 28 books and 36 journal special issues. Principal investigator of numerous research grants. Member of Editorial Boards of 88 Journals (17 with IF). Organizer and Head of 14 International Conferences 'Dynamical Systems – Theory and Applications” (Lodz, 1992-2017) and 3 International Conferences 'Mechatronics: Ideas for Industrial Applications' (Warsaw, 2012; Lodz, 2014; Gdansk, 2015). His scientific interests cover mathematics, mechanics, biomechanics, automation, physics, and computer-oriented sciences, with the main focus on nonlinear processes.

6books edited

4chapters authored

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Numerical Simulations of Physical and Engineering Process is an edited book divided into two parts. Part I devoted to Physical Processes contains 14 chapters, whereas Part II titled Engineering Processes has 13 contributions. The book handles the recent research devoted to numerical simulations of physical and engineering systems. It can be treated as a bridge linking various numerical approaches of two closely inter-related branches of science, i.e. physics and engineering. Since the numerical simulations play a key role in both theoretical and application oriented research, professional reference books are highly needed by pure research scientists, applied mathematicians, engineers as well post-graduate students. In other words, it is expected that the book will serve as an effective tool in training the mentioned groups of researchers and beyond.

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