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Adnan Menderes University Turkey

Veterinary Medicine Selim Sekkin obtained his PhD degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Health Science Institute, Ankara University, Turkey in 1999. Dr. Selim Sekkin is senior researcher / lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Adnan Menderes in Aydin, Turkey. He is an associate professor in pharmacology and toxicology department. His research areas are pharmacokinetics, antibacterials, antioxidants, oxidative stress, DNA damage and repair. On these topics, he has published more than 40 reviewed scientific papers. Most of these papers are enrolled with aquatic, domestic and experimental animals. Dr. Sekkin has been involved in many research and educational projects related to the animal health.

Selim Sekkin

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There has been a great increase in the consumption of animal products. The intention of agricultural activities is to provide safety and adequate food by respecting the environment. Although many questions are being raised concerning the sustainability of the world's food-animal agricultural resources. This book presents some in-depth reviews of selected topics in livestock science written by experts in their respective areas. The book is divided into eight chapters, consisting of topics in food-animal production systems, management of several animal products, health-threaten example by ticks in animals, and contaminants that may be found in animal foods. We hope that a wide variety of scientists, researchers, and others may benefit from this book.

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Livestock Science Edited by Selim Sekkin

Livestock Science

Edited by Selim Sekkin