Majid Nayeripour

Cologne University of Applied Sciences

After an 8-year industrial experience and academic work in electrical engineering and renewable energy field, he was promoted to full professor in microgrid area in 2016. He was given a sabbatical from Shiraz University of Technology, Iran, and has been invited to Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany in January 2016. During his research there, he has gained new experiences about the problems relating to high penetration level of distributed generations and towards 100% renewable energy in Germany and he has been awarded a fellowship program for experienced researcher from Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation in 2017. Currently, he is with Cologne University of Applied Science and is involved in the research on control and dynamic investigation of interconnected microgrids. He has published more than 120 journal and conference papers, four books and supervised more than 10 research projects.

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Increase in electricity demand and environmental issues resulted in fast development of energy production from renewable resources. In the long term, application of RES can guarantee the ecologically sustainable energy supply. This book indicates recent trends and developments of renewable energy resources that organized in 11 chapters. It can be a source of information and basis for discussion for readers with different backgrounds.

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