Snježana Topolovec-Pintaric

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture

Snježana Topolovec-Pintarić is associate professor at University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant Pathology. Her main research activities are in plant pathology, mycology and plant protection. She was involved in 7 projects with chemical industries on evaluation of fungicidal efficacy. Since 2005 up to today, she has investigated biological control of plant pathogenic fungi with indigenous Trichoderma species as well as Trichoderma effects on plant growth. For six years she was in Organization Commitae for annual national Symposium of Plant Protection and she was secretary in Governing Board of Croatian Plant Protection Society. She contributed as lecturer and organizer in 2 workshops Seed pathology. She is trained instructional designer for e-learning, online courses. She likes to use her artistic skills in educational purposes: creating video-clips and art-exhibitions to educate about phytopathogenic fungi.

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