Marcos Soto-Hernández

Colegio de Postgraduados

Dr. Marcos Soto Hernández is a pharmacist from the National University of México. He has obtained his PhD from the University of Wales Cardiff UK and he is now a full time Professor at Colegio de Postgraduados where conducts research in phytochemistry and bioactivity natural products. He has established collaboration with research groups in UK, The Netherlands, Spain and others groups in México. He has received several awards locally and abroad. Today his main line of research is the bio-guided isolation of secondary metabolites with importance in medicine and agriculture (the potential of the local aromatic plants are part of his recent research). He has published more than 150 research papers and several book chapters and conference proceedings. He is member of several professional societies (national or international).

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Phenolic compounds comprise a broad class of natural products formed mainly by plants, but also microorganisms and marine organisms that have the capacity to form them. Nowadays the interest in these compounds has increased mainly due to their diverse chemical structure and wide biological activity valuable in the prevention of some chronic or degenerative diseases. The functional foods are a rich source of these phytochemicals, and this is the starting point for this book, which shows the state of the art of the phenolic compounds and their biological activity. This book integrates eleven chapters that show the state of the art of diverse biological activity of the phenolic compounds, present in some crops or fruits.

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