Sadek Crisostomo Absi Alfaro

University of Brasília

Sadek Crisostomo Absi C. Absi Alfaro obtained the Degree in mechanical engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS, Brazil, 1979), Master\'s degree in metallurgical engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG, Brazil, 1983), and PhD degree in welding engineering (1989) and postdoctoral degree (1990) both from the School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science, University of Cranfield (United Kingdom). Since 1983 he holds the professor position at the University of Brasilia, and since 2003 he is appointed as a full professor at the Department of Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineering, developing activities for undergraduate and graduate studies and research activities. He was head of the Department and coordinator of post-graduate studies. He mentored several undergraduate students (undergraduate research and final project) and post-graduate students, and coordinated and participated in a considerable number of research and development projects financed by various research organs and private industries. He participated in several graduate, master and PhD degree titles as a referee. He is engaged in several national and international professional associations and was the founder (1993) and current leader of the Group of Automation and Control in Manufacturing Processes (GRACO) and founder of Mechatronics Engineering course at the University of Brasília (1997). Currently, he is an active member of the Advisory Committee of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace and Shipbuilding and Ocean – CA-CNPq. He has experience in the area of mechanical and mechatronic engineering with emphasis on manufacturing processes, mainly on the following topics: welding, automation, automation of manufacturing processes, sensing and statistical experiments. He is a scientific articles reviewer in various congresses and journals of national and international prominence.

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