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Stefano Nazari was born in Venice on Jan 2, 1949. His Classic Education was in Como (Liceo A. Volta 1968) and his Medical Education at Pavia University (MD 1974, residency in Surgery 1980) and at Turin University (residency in General Thoracic Surgery 1983). His clinical activity was nearly entirely dedicated to Thoracic Surgery at the Department of Surgery of IRCCS, San Matteo Pavia Hospital, until 2005, and in private structures thereafter. He was also deeply involved in experimental surgery research at the research unit lab of the Deptartment of Surgery at Pavia University, focused in particular on: nutritional status evaluation, one lung anesthesia (new endobronchial tube) lung transplant (funded by Italian Ministry of Health: bronchial arteries, revascularization, extracorporeal lung preservation, vascular stapler for pulmonary artery anastomosis), lung cancer surgery (SVCava and Pancoast t. resections, bronchoplastic procedures), and aortic surgery (endovascular 'net” prosthesis, expandable anastomotic devices). He had stages at the Division of Organ Transplantation Univ. of Cincinnati (1973), Cardiothoracic Division of Hannover University (1987), Thoracic Surgery Div. Toronto GH (1988) and Cardiovascular Surgery at H. Broussais, Paris (1996-1997). In 1997, he went on to establish the Fondazione Alexis Carrel (not for profit, act 1532/906, Pavia) for thoracic and cardiovascular research.

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