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Jose A. O’Daly was born in Caracas, Venezuela, BS La Salle High School in Caracas (1958), MD (1964), Doctor of Medical Sciences (1968) from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Caracas, PhD from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland USA (1971). 1972-2002: Research Scientist, Chief Immunobiology Laboratory Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Investigations (IVIC), Caracas. Venezuela. 2002-Present: CSO, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Astralis Ltd. Irvington, New Jersey, USA 07111. 1972-1999: Professor, postgraduate courses in Immunology, Biology Immunochemistry, and Director to 28 Thesis for BS. MSc. and PhD. at IVIC; UCV, Zulia University, Los Andes University, Venezuela. Member of Number Chair XXIII National Academy of Medical Sciences of Venezuela (1994). ASSISTANCE TO INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS: 130 CONFERENCES BY INVITATION: 131 PUBLICATIONS in Journals for Scientific divulgation invited by the editors: 13 PUBLICATIONS in International Peer Reviewed Journals: 57

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The purpose of this book is to present a comprehensive analysis of Psoriasis, a disease that affects approximately 2-3% of humanity in all countries. Psoriasis existence is surveyed since the clay tablets of Assyrians and Babylonians 3.000-5.000 years ago, thru the middle ages, the renaissance, XIX and XX centuries.

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