Steven Jones

Louisiana Tech University United States of America

Dr. Jones is the Wayne and Juanita Spinks Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Louisiana Tech University. His area of interest is the application of fluid mechanics, mass transport, and feedback control (both positive and negative) to biomedical problems. He has taught these three topics at the undergraduate (all three) and undergraduate (mass transfer and fluid mechanics) levels. He recently became interested in the problem of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as one caring for someone with the pathology at the end stage, and he recognized that his engineering interests were strongly applicable to the disease. In that connection, he became interested in the underlying pathology of the disease, the conventional treatment options, and future directions in the understanding and treatment of the disease.

Steven Jones

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Whereas the field of Fluid Mechanics can be described as complicated, mathematically challenging, and esoteric, it is also imminently practical. It is central to a wide variety of issues that are important not only technologically, but also sociologically. This book highlights a cross-section of methods in Fluid Mechanics, each of which illustrates novel ideas of the researchers and relates to one or more issues of high interest during the early 21st century. The challenges include multiphase flows, compressibility, nonlinear dynamics, flow instability, changing solid-fluid boundaries, and fluids with solid-like properties. The applications relate problems such as weather and climate prediction, air quality, fuel efficiency, wind or wave energy harvesting, landslides, erosion, noise abatement, and health care.

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