Jorge Morales-Montor

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Dr. Jorge Morales-Montor’s doctoral thesis was recognized with the Lola and Igo Flisser PUIS Award for the best graduate thesis at the national level in the field of ​​parasitology. He received a fellowship from the Fogarty Foundation to perform a postdoctoral research stay at the University of Georgia, USA. He has 153 journal articles to his credit. He has also edited several books and written more than fifty-five book chapters. He is a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, Latin American Academy of Sciences, and the National Academy of Medicine. Dr. Morales-Montor has won more than thirty-five awards and has graduated thirty-five bachelor’s, eight master’s, and twelve doctorate students. He was previously the president of the Mexican Society of Parasitology.

Jorge Morales-Montor

2books edited

5chapters authored

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This book provides updated information on helminth infections, with proposals for new treatments and biological factors of risk, the development of vaccines for the control of helminthiasis and explains the latest research on the field. It also delves into multi-omics, diagnosis, immunology, and novel molecule targets. In addition, the book examines topics such as host-parasite interaction.
Key Features:
• Provides basic and clinical evidence based on molecular interactions to address the risks and benefits of helminthiasis
• Presents the results of new vaccine development
• Discusses new and old therapeutic approaches in helminth infections
• Delves into advances in the molecular and immune response in helminth infection
• Proposes a One Health approach to study helminth infections
• Analyzes the controversies and confusions in the management, biology, and control strategies of helminth infections
• Examines the basic biology of helminth parasites

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