Uner Tan

Cukurova UniversityTurkey

Born in Unye/Ordu, eastern Black Sea, Turkey. Completed Medical School, Goettingen, Germany, in 1966. Worked in various universities on the motor system, cognition, cerebral lateralization, finger length patterns, sex-related differences in handednessi, intelligence, finger-length patterns regarding the sex hormones, and the Uner Tan syndrome. Retired in 2004. Now studying the Uner Tan syndrome (human quadrupedalism, mental retardation, and impaired speech or no speech), as a senior scientist in Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey.

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Latest work with IntechOpen by Uner Tan

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities presents reports on a wide range of areas in the field of neurological and intellectual disability, including habitual human quadrupedal locomotion with associated cognitive disabilities, Fragile X syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, and intellectual developmental disability among children in an African setting. Studies are presented from researchers around the world, looking at aspects as wide-ranging as the genetics behind the conditions to new and innovative therapeutic approaches.

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