Arshad Malik

Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr: Arshad Malik is presently working as Professor of Surgery at Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences, Karachi. Pakistan. He graduated from Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro, Pakistan in 1985 and then joined General Surgery. He completed his fellowship in General Surgery from Pakistan in 1997 and then worked on different positions to date. He is the author of 48 publications, with 5 chapters on different topics. He held many international scientific presentations all over the world.

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This book highlights the hernia as an ancient disease that has affected the mankind all over the world with a very high frequency. The book contains a brief introductory chapter followed by various chapters emphasizing the evolution of hernia surgery from the very basic operations to the present highly advanced technique use in present era to treat this surgical problem. Hopefully, this book will be of significant benefit to the trainee and practicing surgeons alike.

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