Arshad Malik

Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr: Arshad Malik is presently working as Professor of Surgery at Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences, Karachi. Pakistan. He graduated from Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro, Pakistan in 1985 and then joined General Surgery. He completed his fellowship in General Surgery from Pakistan in 1997 and then worked on different positions to date. He is the author of 48 publications, with 5 chapters on different topics. He held many international scientific presentations all over the world.

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Laparoscopic surgery, also called minimal access surgery, has revolutionized the field of surgery over the past few years. It has gained worldwide popularity and acceptance by surgeons and patients alike. Minimal scarring, less pain, and shorter hospital stay are the main reasons behind the global appeal of this novel technique. There has been a tremendous improvement in the technique, as well as in the instruments. The technique has passed through the stages of simple laparoscopic surgery to advanced levels, where more complicated procedures are being successfully attempted. The recent introduction of robotic surgery is also gaining popularity, in additional to single port laparoscopic surgery (SILS), which can be scarless surgery. Most of the surgical procedures, which were considered contraindication for the laparoscopic approach, have eventually become the most common and acceptable indications today. This book is intended to provide an overview of the most common procedures performed laparoscopically, as well as some recent advancements in the field.

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