Gorgi Kostovski

Dr. Gorgi Kostovski received his Ph.D. degree in 2008, following undergraduate degrees in applied physics and communication engineering in 2003, all from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently a Research Fellow at RMIT, working in the field of nanofabrication for photonics. His research interests include novel nanoscale lithographic strategies for application to low cost fabrication, nanophotonics and optical fibres. His work has been featured on the cover of the prestigious journal Advanced Materials, as well as in Australian media outlets The Age and COSMOS, a popular science magazine.

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The term Lithography encompasses a range of contemporary technologies for micro and nano scale fabrication. Originally driven by the evolution of the semiconductor industry, lithography has grown from its optical origins to demonstrate increasingly fine resolution and to permeate fields as diverse as photonics and biology. Today, greater flexibility and affordability are demanded from lithography more than ever before. Diverse needs across many disciplines have produced a multitude of innovative new lithography techniques. This book, which is the final instalment in a series of three, provides a compelling overview of some of the recent advances in lithography, as recounted by the researchers themselves. Topics discussed include nanoimprinting for plasmonic biosensing, soft lithography for neurobiology and stem cell differentiation, colloidal substrates for two-tier self-assembled nanostructures, tuneable diffractive elements using photochromic polymers, and extreme-UV lithography.

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