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Professor Fethi Derbel was born in 1960 in Tunisia. He received his medical degree from the Sousse Faculty of Medicine at Sousse, Tunisia. He completed his surgical residency in General Surgery at the University Hospital Farhat Hached of Sousse and was a member of Unit of Liver Transplantation at the University of Rennes, France. He is presently working in the department of surgery in Sahloul Hospital, Sousse. His hospital activities are mostly concerned with laparoscopic, colorectal,pancreatic, hepato-biliary and gastric surgery. He is a professor at the school of Medicine in Djibouti, past member of the medical committee in the University Hospital Sahloul, Sousse, member of the National College of Surgeons in Tunisia. He has published many articles in journals and collaborates intensively with IntechOpen as an editor.

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Soft tissue tumors include a heterogeneous group of diagnostic entities, most of them benign in nature and behavior. Malignant entities, soft tissue sarcomas, are rare tumors that account for1% of all malignancies. These are predominantly tumors of adults, but 15% arise in children and adolescents. The wide biological diversity of soft tissue tumors, combined with their high incidence and potential morbidity and mortality represent challenges to contemporary researches, both at the level of basic and clinical science. Determining whether a soft tissue mass is benign or malignant is vital for appropriate management. This book is the result of collaboration between several authors, experts in their fields; they succeeded in translating the complexity of soft tissue tumors and the diversity in the diagnosis and management of these tumors.

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