Siva Yellampalli

Dr. Siva Yellampalli is currently working as a Principal with VTU Extension Centre, UTL Technologies Ltd. He obtained his MS & Ph.D from Louisiana State University. His area of research is system level design for power optimization. His area of research encompasses different research fields such as VLSI, mixed signal circuits/systems development, MEMS, and CNT sensors. He has published a book in the area of mixed-signal design, and edited two books on carbon nano tubes. He published 70 plus International Journal papers & IEEE Conference papers. In addition he has delivered keynote speeches at International conferences held in Canada, Dubai & Spain including tutorials at various IEEE International Conferences. He has been a consultant to a variety of industries and acts as a reviewer for technical journals and book publishers.

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Carbon nanotubes are one of the most intriguing new materials with extraordinary properties being discovered in the last decade. The unique structure of carbon nanotubes provides nanotubes with extraordinary mechanical and electrical properties. The outstanding properties that these materials possess have opened new interesting researches areas in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Although nanotubes are very promising in a wide variety of fields, application of individual nanotubes for large scale production has been limited. The main roadblocks, which hinder its use, are limited understanding of its synthesis and electrical properties which lead to difficulty in structure control, existence of impurities, and poor processability. This book makes an attempt to provide indepth study and analysis of various synthesis methods, processing techniques and characterization of carbon nanotubes that will lead to the increased applications of carbon nanotubes.

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