María Alvarez

National Scientific and Technical Research Council Argentina

Dr. María Alejandra Alvarez is a member of the National Council of Research (CONICET- Argentina) in Argentina. She worked at the University of Buenos Aires where she has began her studies on In vitro plant cell cultures for secondary metabolism production in 1986. Since 2001 she has conducted research on molecular farming for producing biopharmaceuticals. In 2005 she moved to the Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología Dr. César Milstein (CONICET) where she is currently the director of The Plant Biotechnology group.

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Genetic transformation of plants has revolutionized both basic and applied plant research. Plant molecular biology and physiology benefit from this power fool, as well as biotechnology. This book is a review of some of the most significant achievements that plant transformation has brought to the fields of Agrobacterium biology, crop improvement and, flower, fruit and tree amelioration. Also, it examines their impact on molecular farming, phytoremediation and RNAi tools.

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