Ray Krediet

Dr. Raymond (Ray) Krediet graduated in 1973 at the University of Amsterdam. In 1978 he completed his training as an internist-nephrologist and became Head of Nephrology at the Binnengasthuis in 1979 where he introduced treatment with continuous ambulatory dialysis (CAPD). In 1986 he was promoted on a PhD thesis, entitled “Peritoneal permeability in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients”. In 1999 he became Professor and Head of the Department of Nephrology at the Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam. Professor Krediet supervised the research of 26 PhD students and is author of 470 publications in scientific journals. His h-index is 51. Among others, he is former chairman of the Dialysis Group Netherlands, the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis and the Nephrology Section of the European Union for Medical Specialists. He retired in October 2010, but is still involved in research and a number of academic and organisational activities.

Ray Krediet

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Progress in Peritoneal Dialysis is based on judgement of a number of abstracts, submitted by interested people involved in various aspects of peritoneal dialysis. The book has a wide scope, ranging from in-vitro experiments, mathematical modelling, and clinical studies. The interested reader will find state of the art essays on various aspects of peritoneal dialysis relevant to expand their knowledge on this underused modality of renal replacement therapy.

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