Imre Szabó

Dr. Imre Szabó is a medical doctor holding Ph.D. (2004) and habilitation (2012) degrees in Gastroenterology from the University of Pécs (Hungary, 2004), where he studied the mechanisms of cytoprotection and mucosal healing processes in different regions of human gastrointestinal system. He currently works as an Associate Professor at the First Department of Medicine, University of Pécs and has 12 years of experience in teaching Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology at graduate and postgraduate level. His research in the United States included the study of ulcer healing, nonsteroidal gastroenteropathy in animal models and their molecular mechanisms in isolated cells. He has published his work in several peer reviewed journals and given oral and poster presentations at national and international conferences. In addition he has authored Hungarian grants and participated in grants from U.S. Veteran’s Administration. His fields of special experience include gastrointestinal mucosal injury, defense and healing mechanisms.

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