Matteo Savino

University of Sannio Italy

Matteo Mario Savino is a Professor of Industrial Operations and Industrial Management at the University of Sannio. He received a PhD in Industrial plants in 1999 at the University Federico II of Naples, Department of Design and Industrial Engineering. Among his research interests there are Project Management, Risk Assessment, Quality aspects related to industrial production. He has managed several National and EU Funded research and educational projects. Since 2008 he has been a Delegate of the Rector for Quality Assurance and is the President of the University Quality Centre. He is the author of more than 50 Scientific Publications and participates in International Journals and International Peer Review proceedings.

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The term "risk" is very often associated with negative meanings. However, in most cases, many opportunities can present themselves to deal with the events and to develop new solutions which can convert a possible danger to an unforeseen, positive event. This book is a structured collection of papers dealing with the subject and stressing the importance of a relevant issue such as risk management. The aim is to present the problem in various fields of application of risk management theories, highlighting the approaches which can be found in literature.

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