Valny Giacomelli Sobrinho

Universidade Federal de Santa MariaBrazil

Graduation in Economics: 1992 (UFSM, Brazil); MSc. Envtl. Sciences/Envtl. Mgmt.: 2000 (Wageningen Univ. and Research Centre, Netherlands); Dr. Forestry/Forest Mgmt.: 2007 (UFSM, Brazil); Leading researcher of the Research Group on Ecological, Environmental and Resource Economics (EARN) ( at the Department of Economics of the UFSM; Nationwide Ethos-Valor Award on Corporate and Envtl. Responsibility and Sustainable Devt.: 9th edition, 2009 (São Paulo, Brazil); Walmart-Brazil Award on Sustainable Retail: 3rd edition, 2010 (São Paulo, Brazil); Itaú Bank Award on Sustainable Finances: 3rd edition, 2012 (São Paulo, Brazil), finalist in Rio+20 Special Award and in Experts\' and Scholarly Articles

3chapters authored