Ivo Donkov

Medical University of Sofia Bulgaria

Dr. Donkov is a honorary senior lecturer and honorary academic consultant at the Department of Urology, Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. He is also full time urology specialist at Lincoln Hospital, UK. Dr. Ivo Donkov has an abundant profile of specialisations at the most prestigious urology centres of excellence in the world as University College, London, UK and University of California at Irvine, USA. He has passed the American Medical Board, and Canadian Medical Certification exams also. He is on the board of peer review scientific journals and have many publications in peer review journals. Dr. Ivo Donkov is a PhD and his thesis describes biophysiology of different grafts used in urethroplasties, mainly revising the concept of endoscopic urethroplasty, introduced by Jahanes Naude from Cape Town.

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Urethral reconstructive surgery has always been a challenging part for urologist since the dawn of our speciality. In this book leading experts in lower urinary reconstructions from all over the world present their views and experience in that field, together with practical tips and tricks. The book is an excellent source of information for those who are already dealing with urethral surgery, and also an invaluable companion for urologists in training or those who want to dedicate themselves to this great sub-specialty. This book is an excellent reference guide and companion on the way to operating and consulting room, or when writing an article and reviewing the current practices. The abundance of methods and continuing development of new approaches to the problem prove the complexity of it.

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