Juan-Manuel Ramos-Arreguin

Universidad Autónoma de Occidente Colombia

Juan Manuel Ramos Arreguin . PhD in Engineering specializing in Mechatronics, he completed a Master's degree in the Faculty of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FIMEE), specializing in Instrumentation and Digital Systems where he worked with embedded systems. The Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering and Communications at FIMEE. He has been a professor at the Technological University of San Juan del Río and at the Center for Engineering and Industrial Development. He has held positions as President of the Academic Body of Electronics in the UTSJR until 2009. Participant with students in the National Minirobotics Competition until 2008. Member of the Mexican Mechatronics Association. Currently Professor Researcher of the Faculty of Informatics at the Autonomous University of Querétaro and member of the National System of Researchers as Candidate.

Juan-Manuel Ramos-Arreguin

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In this book, a set of relevant, updated and selected papers in the field of automation and robotics are presented. These papers describe projects where topics of artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation process, target tracking algorithms, kinematic constraints of the closed loops, non-linear control, are used in advanced and recent research.

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Automation and Robotics Edited by Juan-Manuel Ramos-Arreguin

Automation and Robotics

Edited by Juan-Manuel Ramos-Arreguin