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Dr Stefan Danilla was born in Chile in 1979. He obtained his medical degree at the Universidad de los Andes in the year 2001. After that he graduated with honours, obtaining his Masters Degree on Clinical Epidemiology (University of Chile), starting his research career applying evidence-based medicine concepts to his work and teaching. In 2003, he started his General Surgery training at the Military Hospital of Santiago (Universidad de los Andes) and finished his Plastic Surgery Residence in 2009 at the Universidad de Chile. As a plastic surgeon and researcher, Dr Danilla has worked on reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, performing randomized controlled trials in order to obtain reliable evidence for common procedures, useful for patients and surgeons. His research work is now dedicated to providing reliable outcomes, and measuring results in cosmetic surgery.

Stefan Danilla

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Plastic Surgery is a fast evolving surgical specialty. Although best known for cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery also involves reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, which very often overlap, aiming to restore functionality and normal appearance of organs damaged due to trauma, neoplasm, ageing tissue or iatrogenesis. First reconstructive procedures were described more than 3000 years ago by Indian surgeons that reconstructed nasal deformities caused by nose amputation as a form of punishment. Nowadays, many ancient procedures are still used like the Indian forehead flap for nasal reconstruction, but as with all fields of medicine, the advances in technology and research have dramatically affected reconstructive surgery.

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