Rustam B. Rustamov

Khazar University

Rustam B. Rustamov is presently holding a position at eiLink Research & Development of Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan. He has completed his Ph.D. at Russian Physical-Technical Institute (ST. Petersburg, Russian Federation). His experience covers working at the European Space Agency/European Space Research and Technologies Centre, the Netherlands within the framework of the United Nations program on space applications. Rustam B. Rustamov is the contact person of the International Astronautics Federation. He is an author of twelve books of worldwide recognized publication houses and about one hundred twenty scientific papers.

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Today, space technology is used as an excellent instrument for Earth observation applications. Data is collected using satellites and other available platforms for remote sensing. Remote sensing data collection detects a wide range of electromagnetic energy which is emitting, transmitting, or reflecting from the Earth's surface. Appropriate detection systems are needed to implement further data processing. Space technology has been found to be a successful application for studying climate change, as current and past data can be dynamically compared. This book presents different aspects of climate change and discusses space technology applications.

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