Kourosh Vahdati

University of Tehran Iran

Kourosh Vahdati received his Ph.D. in Horticultural Science, Fruit Breeding and Biotechnology, from the University of Tehran in 2002 and is now a professor at the University of Tehran specializing in walnut research, particularly genetic transformation and rootstock breeding for resistance to abiotic stresses. He was a visiting scholar at the University of California-Davis in 2000-2001 and returned in 2010-2011 as associate visiting professor and worked on tissue culture and genetic transformation of walnut. Dr. Vahdati teaches pomology, breeding and biotechnology of fruit and nut trees, supervises graduate students, has published more than 50 research articles and book chapters, and has served on the editorial boards of several journals. He also serves as Chairman of the ISHS Walnut Working Group and of the Iranian Center of Excellence for Walnut Improvement and Technology, and has made numerous contributions worldwide to the fields of walnut breeding and biotechnology.

Kourosh Vahdati

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"This book is not intended to cover all known abiotic stresses or every possible technique used to understand plant tolerance but, instead, to describe some of the widely used approaches to addressing such major abiotic stresses as drought, salinity, extreme temperature, cold, light, calcareous soils, excessive irradiation, ozone, ultraviolet radiation, and flooding, and to describe major or newly emerging techniques employed in understanding and improving plant tolerance. Among the strategies for plant stress survival, examples of both avoidance and tolerance are presented in detail and comprehensive case studies of progress and directions in several agricultural crops such as apple, walnut, grape and wheat are included."

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