Patricia Miloslavich

Patricia Miloslavich is a professor of marine biology at the University Simon Bolivar (USB) in Caracas, Venezuela, affiliated with the Department of Environmental Studies and the Center of Marine Biodiversity. At the USB, Miloslavich coordinated the undergraduate and Master and PhD programs in Biological Sciences. She has taught more than 12 different courses related to marine biology, reproduction of marine invertebrates, environment and conservation, zoology, among others. She earned a Licenciado degree from USB (1987) and a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Quebec at Rimouski, Canada (1995). Her field of research is tropical marine biology, particularly gastropod diversity and reproductive strategies, having worked in projects coordinated in Venezuela, USA, Canada, Spain, Japan, and Argentina. Her research has been presented in more than 100 scientific conferences, and published in more than 40 papers. She also edited the book Caribbean Marine Biodiversity: the known and the unknown, and leads the Caribbean Committee of the Census of Marine Life. Miloslavich coordinated the efforts to produce the first global synthesis of marine biodiversity from 25 regions around the world, and has coordinated the nearshore project of the Census in South America aimed to study the diversity, distribution, and abundance of marine life in rocky shores and seagrass beds.

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