Houshang Kheradmand

ERMA General Director

Dr. Kheradmand was born on March 1953 and received his masters in chemistry in 1980 and a doctorate in petro-chemistry in 1983 from ULP “Louis Pasteur University -Strasbourg”, followed by a 2nd doctorate in polymer sciences in 1987 from Strasbourg Polymer Research Center. Since 1987 Dr. Kheradmand has worked in the European chemical industry with different responsibilities, such as Quality lab manager, R&D group leader, European product stewardship manager, European sustainable development manager, European Technology Awareness and Innovation Manager. He is Life Cycle thinking, Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Development expert. He has an active participation in different European organizations such as CEFIC, CEPE, EPDLA - EPDLA Chairman, ERMA - Member of Executive Committee and Chairman of Technical Committee, French Ecolabel - Member of Paint Ecolabel technical committee, FFC (Fédération Française pour les sciences de la Chimie) - Member of FFC steering Committee and Member of ChDD ‘’Chimie pour un Développement Durable®’ working groupe committee , IUPAC - Member of IYC 2011 launch ceremony organization team. Dr. Kheradmand has presented different topics in WW seminars and exhibitions.

Houshang Kheradmand

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This book shows some of the socio-economic impacts of climate change according to different estimates of the current or estimated global warming. A series of scientific and experimental research projects explore the impacts of climate change and browse the techniques to evaluate the related impacts. These 23 chapters provide a good overview of the different changes impacts that already have been detected in several regions of the world. They are part of an introduction to the researches being done around the globe in connection with this topic. However, climate change is not just an academic issue important only to scientists and environmentalists; it also has direct implications on various ecosystems and technologies.

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