Ravinder Mohan

Ravinder Mohan, MD, PhD teaches and practices family medicine in Virginia and also works as a hospitalist physician. He became interested in research on health-related quality of life in Belgium, where he followed clinical outcomes in heart surgery patients. He later used similar methods in Virginia, to evaluate the quality of life of patients who had knee arthritis, and subsequently of patients before and after treatment of localized prostate cancer. Dr. Mohan’s research has been published in over 35 high-impact factor peer-reviewed journals and he has also contributed to chapters in five books.

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Cancer is now the leading cause of death in the world. In the U.S., one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with a non-skin cancer in their lifetime. Cancer patients are living longer than ever before. For instance, when detected early, the five-year survival for breast cancer is 98%, and it is about 84% in patients with regional disease. However, the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is very distressing. Cancer patients frequently suffer from pain, disfigurement, depression, fatigue, physical dysfunctions, frequent visits to doctors and hospitals, multiple tests and procedures with the possibility of treatment complications, and the financial impact of the diagnosis on their life. This book presents a number of ways that can help cancer patients to look, feel and become healthier, take care of specific symptoms such as hair loss, arm swelling, and shortness of breath, and improve their intimacy, sexuality, and fertility.

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