Pavel Kohout

Dr Pavel Kohout graduated from the Medical Faculty at Charles University in Prague in 1986. His research interests include gastroenterology (especially inflammatory bowel diseases, coeliac disease and acute pancreatitis), intensive metabolic care and nutrition (including home parenteral and enteral nutrition, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy and standards of nutrition care in hospitals). He is currently Head of the Center of nutrition and Nutrition team in Teaching Thomayer’s Hospital Prague (Czech Republic) and Head of Metabolic ICU. Dr Kohout is also a member of: Executive committee of Czech Society for Clinical Nutrition and Intensive Metabolic Care, Executive committee of Czech Society of Nutrition and a member of Czech as well as European gastroenterology and nutrition societies. He has authored 4 monographs in Czech language (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy, Basics of Clinical Nutrition, Chapters from Clinical Nutrition, Non-invasive Diagnostic of Small bowel), and about 120 original and review papers in international journals. During his career he has introduced more than 1500 percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomies into patients from 6 weeks to 98 years of age.

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The gastrostomy placement is a method of providing nutrition to the patients who are unable to eat. In this book you can find chapters focused on the use of gastrostomy in children, patients with neurological impairment and patients with head and neck tumours. Home enteral nutrition is suitable for all of these groups of patients and is far easier with gastrostomy. The new indications (especially in very young children) required new techniques such as: laparoscopic gastrostomy, laparoscopy assisted endoscopic gastrostomy with/without fundoplication, ultrasonography assisted gastronomy. All information about these techniques can be found in this book. This book does not serve as a basic textbook, but as an interesting reading material and as an aid for physicians who are already familiar with the indication for gastrostomy and want to know more.

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