Ignacio Jáuregui Lobera

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Ignacio Jáuregui-Lobera, MD, PhD, MSc, is a Doctor of Medicine and Psychology. He has a Master of Science and Nutrition from the University of Barcelona (Spain), and a Master of Arts in Applied Statistics from the National University of Distance Education (Spain). He is an expert in Biostatistics (UNED), Advanced Methods of Applied Statistics (UNED), and he has completed his post-graduate studies in Food-Drug Interactions (University of Barcelona, Spain). Dr. Jáuregui-Lobera is the Director of the Behavioural Sciences Institute (Sevilla, Spain) leading the lifelong learning programme 'Expert in Eating Disorders and Obesity,” and an Associate Professor at the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, Spain. He has been working in the field of Eating Disorders since 1993 and is a recipient of the Extraordinary PsyD Award.

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Eating disorders are common, frequently severe, and often devastating pathologies. Biological, psychological, and social factors are usually involved in these disorders in both the aetiopathogeny and the course of disease. The interaction among these factors might better explain the problem of the development of each particular eating disorder, its specific expression, and the course and outcome. This book includes different studies about the core concepts of eating disorders, from general topics to some different modalities of treatment. Epidemiology, the key variables in the development of eating disorders, the role of some psychosocial factors, as well as the role of some biological influences, some clinical and therapeutic issues from both psychosocial and biological points of view, and the nutritional evaluation and nutritional treatment, are clearly presented by the authors of the corresponding chapters. Professionals such as psychologists, nurses, doctors, and nutritionists, among others, may be interested in this book.

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