Turgay Isbir

Prof Dr. Turgay Isbir is the Director of Medical Biology at Medical Faculty and Department of Molecular Medicine in The Institue of Health Sciences of Yeditepe University. He worked at the Department of Pharmacology in the Brain Research Council of Edinburgh University and Department of Heamatology of The Children’s Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. He also worked at the Department of Molecular Medicine in the Mayo Clinic. He was the director of İstanbul University, Aziz Sancar Institute of Experimental Medicine. He has been working at Yeditepe University since 2010. Currently his research interests are focused mainly on the relationship between genetic polymorphisms and various types of cancer, diseases of lipid metabolism and genetic tendencies of cardiovascular diseases. He has more than 235 published papers.

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Lipoproteins have key roles in human growth and development, along with promoting, preventing, and/or participating in the pathogenesis or in the treatment of various diseases. This book presents a systematic and comprehensive review about the structure and metabolism of lipoproteins, particularly highlighting the crucial role of those molecules in the body and considering the interest of some lipids in healthy and diseased conditions. This book aims to provide integrative approach to understand the lipoprotein metabolism. Distinguished international experts contributed six chapters about the genetic variations, plasma lipoprotein components, and molecular relationship of lipoproteins with cognition and obesity.

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