Mato Miskovic


I was born on 12. september 1953. in Imotica, Dubrovnik. I attended nautical school in 1971, in Dubrovnik. I graduated on Faculty of Electrical engineering in Zagreb in 1977. I started working at Končar, Zagreb, in department of industrial electronics (INEM). In 1980, I transferred to TUP (factory of carbon-graffite products), Dubrovnik in developments department. As of 1985, I work in hydro power plant HE Dubrovnik on maintenance. I postgraduated on Faculty of electrical engineering in Zagreb in 1999, in the field of electrical machines and automation. I published several papers in the field of synchronous generator voltage control, hydro turbine control, estimation of synchronous generator parameters and system monitoring. I’m also actively involved in several scientific research projects. In 2007 I completed doctoral studies and I defended a PhD in Electrical Engineering in Zagreb

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