Jean Geringer

 1991-1994: Post secondary studies in a national preparatory program: leading up to the entrance examinations to French Engineering Schools, France.  1994-1997: Master Degree in chemistry engineering, E.N.S.C.T: 2.1 Level, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Toulouse, now ENSIACET, France.  1999-2000: Admitted by competitive examination to CAPES and CAPLP2: national diploma to teach physics and chemistry in secondary school, France.  2000-2001: Admitted by competitive examination to AGREGATION, chemistry option: highest-rated competitive academic examination in the French system, France.  2001-2002: Master Degree in materials science: biomaterials laboratory, ENSM-SE,‘Contacts mechanics between biomaterials’, 2.1 Level (first), France.  2002-2005: Ph.D: ‘Fretting corrosion of biomaterials’, grant of education ministry, French government, ‘Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne’: ENSM-SE, France.  2005-2012: Research management ability, HDR, ENSM-SE, France.

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