Marco Frediani

University of Florence

Researcher for the scientific sector 'Industrial Chemistry” of the University of Florence. Member of the 'Ugo Schiff' Department of Chemistry, Scientific and Technological Center. The scientific interests of Dr. Marco Frediani focus on the use of catalytic systems for the reactions of Organic Synthesis with industrial interest and in the reuse of materials at the end of the cycle to obtain new chemical products. He has 58 scientific articles in international journals, 4 patents, 15 book chapters, 4 patents, 5 articles in Congress proceedings and numerous presentations at Conferences.

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The increase in the amount of glycerin in the market is a burden for all producers, especially those operating in the biodiesel sector: reuse options are in fact limited for the management of this by-product. Glycerol enhancement has therefore become a priority to improve the sustainability of the biodiesel industry. Nevertheless, the multifunctionality of glycerol makes it a promising precursor for different types of production (fuel/biofuel, chemical products). This conversion has therefore become a subject of multifaceted research that requires an exchange of knowledge across many sectors. In this book, different disciplines (chemistry, biology, engineering, etc.) have been taken into consideration to propose an interdisciplinary point of view on different aspects.

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