Judit Forrai

Semmelweis UniversityHungary

Dr. Judith Forrai CSc. PhD studies at the Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry (1973) Eötvös L. University of the Arts and graduated in history (1988) and museology (1989) science. Certified Specialist of dental and oral diseases. (1975), Certified Specialist of Social Medicine. (1998) Research area is the medical history section towards section of the society of medicine, social medicine, including the area of sexology towards. PhD (Hungarian Academy of Science/HAS) theme was, A social problem placed a medical problem: Additions to the history of prostitution in Budapest\ in 1997 and the CSc. habilitation at Debrecen University “Health Education. Studies of sexeducation” was in 2004. Since 1898, she is working at the Semmelweis University of Medicine, Institute of Social and History of Medicine. Currently, the name of this Institute is Public Health where she is an associated professor. Her education and researcher areas is the history of medicine, as well as primary prevention and social activities geared toward people between the various handicaps (such as youth, women, intellectual disabilities, minorities, people living in state care, prostitutes, gay men) and in non-institutional form too. She founded the Kaleidoscope - Journal of History of Culture, Science and Medicine online magazine (2010), as well as a Sex Education Foundation (1991), member of several national and international non-governmental organizations. She published more than 250 publications appeared in national and international journals.

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