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University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Fabio R. Marin is an agronomist working with agrometeorology, agricultural zoning and crop modeling at Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Embrapa. During his master and PhD he worked with coffee and citrus cultures. In 2006 he established a research line focused on the sugarcane crop. More than 40 peer-reviewed papers were produced along the last 9 years and they are following the mentioned subjects. Recently, many efforts have been taken to address the climate change impacts on Brazilian sugarcane. Dr Marin has cooperated on a several projects with more Brazilian and international research institutes and universities mostly regarding sugarcane modeling.

Fabio Marin

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Agricultural production is related to physical constrains, which may not always be overcomed by technology. However, under the same conditions, it is possible to see well-managed farms consistently making greater profits than similarly structured, neighboring farms. For each abiotical condition, it is well-known there is a difference between the potential and observed yields, which is usually high and often could be reduced through more appropriate management techniques. In this book, we have a selection of agricultural problems encountered in different regions of the world which were addressed using creative solution, offering new approaches for well-known techniques and new tools for old problems.

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