Vicente Compañ

PhD degree in physica by the University of Valencia in 1988. In 1993 was Assistant Professor in Physical Applied Department. From 2006 is Professor at Thermodynamics Department in Polytechnic University of Valencia. Visiting researcher in Technical University of Denmark (Lyngby) and Technical University of Helsinki. Now is responsible of the Fuel Cells area of the mixed organization between ITE and Polymer group of Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), in particular the Applied Thermodynamics Dept, research group. At the moment I participate in more than 100 papers more of them dealing of ionic transport in exchange membranes, gas diffusion and conductivities of the membranes. From 1988 has participate in more than 25 research projects. My current research interest are 1.Correlation between the structure peculiarities and electrotransport properties of the charged synthetic membranes in dependence on chemical nature of polymer matrix. 2.Equilibrium and dynamical aspects of the water state in electromembrane systems. 3.Interphase phenomena of interaction of surfactive components with ion –exchange membranes in the electrolyte solutions. 4.Characterization of the ion-exchange membranes on the basic of model approach to description of ions and water electrotransport in the inhomogeneous media. 5. Nanocomposites and nanotechnologies. 6. Electrochemistry characterization of protonic exchange membranes for fuel cells application, basically for PEMFC and DMFC. 7. Characterization of dielectric and mechanical properties of polymeric membranes.

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